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The course of this past week saw the completion of a major update to our Cannabis Research section.  New peer-reviewed clinical studies have been added to all existing pages (Prenatal Exposure, Breastfeeding, Environmental Exposure, and Medical Marijuana).  We have also added several new pages of resources — Drug Testing & Reporting, Pediatric Medicinal Cannabis, and Miscellaneous!  We always provide links to the abstracts or full texts where available.

We have a new Media section as well.  You can now find our Writing here, as well as Video & Audio from our appearances and interviews, Links to where FLCA has been mentioned around the web, and which will serve as a repository for our Press Releases.

Weren’t able to attend the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) 2013 International Reform Conference in Denver this past October? Sad to miss FLCA co-founders Sara Arnold (aka Sahra Kant) & Jess Cochrane on the CPS and family court panel? Want to watch it at home? Now you can!

On Saturday, October 26, 2013 both FLCA co-founders, Sara Arnold (aka Sahra Kant) and Jess Cochrane, participated in “Overlooked Punishment: The Drug War’s Insidious Reach Beyond the Criminal Justice System” panel with Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University, Emma Ketteringham of Bronx Defenders, Dr. Kay Teel of University of Colorado School of Medicine, and moderated by Lynn Paltrow of National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW).


Q&A following  Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) 2013 Reform Conference “Overlooked Punishment: The Drug War’s Insidious Reach Beyond the Criminal Justice System” panel.  Questions are from attendees including activists, grandparents, hospital administrators, a Texas judge, and more.

Check them out!


New State Profile: New Jersey

FLCA is pleased to announce a new state profile: the garden state of New Jersey!  This state has some of most favorable case law for parents who use medical marijuana — and a particularly unfavorable law for people who sell cannabis to pregnant women.  Check it out!  We welcome your feedback.  Of course, please share with your friends and colleagues!

Please note that our Massachusetts profile has also received an update.

Remember, the next state will be decided by you via our poll!

You decide our next state profile!

Over the course of December, we took nominations from our Facebook and Twitter fans for which state profile we should do next, following New Jersey (coming soon!).  Six states were nominated: Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  Now you get to decide which one wins!  Please go to our poll and vote.  Your choice could be our next state profile because you voted for it!



New State Profile: Texas

Family Law & Cannabis Alliance (FLCA) has a new state profile: the Lone Star state of Texas!  Our most extensive profile yet, the Texas state profile makes sense of the especially complicated laws, administrative rules, and DFPS policies that govern CPS and family court as pertains to cannabis use.  We welcome your feedback!

Our Washington State profile has also been the recipient of a major update this week!

More new state profiles coming soon!

New State Profile: Georgia

As of this morning, Family Law & Cannabis Alliance (FLCA) is pleased to announce we have a new state profile on our website: the peach state of Georgia!

Thanks to Peachtree NORML for all the love directed our way today.

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