Mission & Values Statement

Family Law & Cannabis Alliance (FLCA) is a clearinghouse for reliable local, state, and national information related to marijuana policy, Child Protective Services (CPS), and family court.  Particularly in an era when public opinion and policy regarding marijuana are rapidly evolving, we believe that it is wrong to punish parents who use cannabis medicinally or recreationally by exposing them to CPS investigations and temporary or permanent loss of custody of their children.  Marijuana use is not proof of poor parenting and should not be used to separate families or subject them to unnecessary state intervention.

FLCA provides non-legal advocacy and advice, as well as legal referrals, to individuals facing CPS and family court actions.  We offer educational information to other professionals, students, and members of the public; assistance, interviews, and quotes to the media; speakers and panelists to conferences, rallies, universities, meetings, and other events; and articles and papers on commission to offline and online publications.  FLCA also serves as a repository for the activism, advocacy, research, writing, and other work by its founders and other parties.

FLCA directly and indirectly supports the work of drug policy, reproductive justice, and other relevant intersectional organizations and individuals, with whom we create and strengthen alliances on these issues.  We serve to counter the effects of disinformation and misinformation proliferating in reaction to the rising visibility of families across the country facing removal and other adverse actions for cannabis use. 


We have collected this information to assist custodial and noncustodial parents, guardians, pregnant women, and their lawyers.  It is available for educational and informational purposes only. We are not attorneys nor licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction, and use of this website does not create any attorney/client relationship.  Never rely on our information or advice in making medical or legal decisions relevant to your personal situation, as it is not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice.  Nothing on this website should be considered medical or legal advice, and if you are facing adverse CPS or family court actions, we urge you to secure the advice of a licensed attorney who knows the laws in your state.

While FLCA strives to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this site, and expressly disclaim liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site. FLCA also expressly disclaims liability for any actions taken or not taken in reliance upon the contents of this website. Any statement made by a representative of FLCA without the express permission of FLCA is merely an opinion of that representative and does not necessarily reflect the views of FLCA as an organization.  All original content created by FLCA or another party is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent of the author.

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