This page contains all the peer-reviewed clinical studies that don’t quite fit elsewhere, including harm reduction, the social sciences, and reproduction.


Studies on Harm Reduction

Bottoroff, J.L. et al. (2013). Perceptions of cannabis as a stigmatized medicine: a qualitative descriptive study. Harm Reduction Journal, 10(2). (free full text)

Mathre, M.L. (2002). Cannabis and harm reduction: A nursing perspective.  Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, 3/4, 103-118. (free full text) [talks about parenting & CPS]

Melamede, R. (2005). Harm reduction: The cannabis paradox. Harm Reduction Journal, 22, 2:17. (free full text)


Studies on Psychiatry, Sociology, & Ethnography

Aggarwal, S. (2013).  ‘Tis in our nature: taking the human-cannabis relationship seriously in health science and public policyFrontiers in Psychiatry, 4, 6. (free full text)

Dreher, M. (2002). Crack heads and roots daughters: The therapeutic use of cannabis in JamaicaJournal of Cannabis Therapeutics, 3/4, 119-131. (free full text)


Studies on Fertility

Maccarrone, M. (2009). The endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol promotes sperm developement through activation of cannabinoid-2 receptors. Cannabinoids, 4(4), 4-6.


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